SDK (latest release) crashes and wipes FAKERAID on Win Xp

  • On a Windows 64 bit machine ( nvidia raid in STRIPE (0) MODE ):

    While steping through some code in debug mode my system froze.

    When trying to re-boot only 1 of 2 drives was recognized and the system would not boot.

    At this point I don't know if it was the RAID Driver that was destroyed or the one drive.

    Are their any known issues with this?

    Any assistance is appreciated!


  • Unless you were writing a RAID configuration/management tool I think it is very unlikely that the SDK had anything to do with this. Much more likely is that one of your drives died and that caused the system to freeze.

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    Maybe your system froze because your RAID had died?

    Yeap, RAID0-Arrays are dead when any of the connected drives fails. That is by design.

  • Yes I know, I guess my question is, could the code or the debugging of the code damaged a HD sector or corrupt the driver. I'm hoping I can get the downed drive running ( fixdisik or something or even replace it). If I''m successfull I don,t want to have to go thru that again. The machine is about 3 yrs old and gets very little usage.

    I know you can do some damage by overwritting an array, but I did not do that.

  • As we said - very unlikely - you've just been unlucky. If you want to use RAID try using a RAID configuration that actually reduces the probability of failure rather than increasing it.

  • What title is this?!?!?!

  • Stuk What do you mean.

  • Zap & Tobias :

    I know STRIPE 0 is unstable.
    I will keep you posted.

    Thanks again

  • 4.7. SDK 9latest release) crashes and wipes FAKERAID ( WINDOWS XP)
    I don't think this is useful title...

  • [quote author="stuk" date="1305300505"]What title is this?!?!?![/quote]

    I modified the title a bit to make it somewhat shorter and easier to read.

    Also moved forum, as this is actually a bit off topic seeing that the SDK crash is more probably the result of the RAID failure than the cause of it...

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