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[solved]which platform pluging should I use????

  • Hello,
    I want to cross compile Qt5 for raspberry pi and I have found the guide for that here:

    But I am confused which platform plug in should I used.
    I have tried with eglfs but with that I am getting only single screen and I dont want that.
    So can I go with xcb as raspbian uses lxde??
    what will be the advatages of xcb over eglfs.??
    thanks in advance.

  • xcb means you're running it on top of X. If you're developing a desktop application, that would be fine. I think eglfs is interesting for those developing embedded solutions, when you usually don't have a X server running.

  • thank you for replay
    I have one more Question
    Is there any way to cross compile Qt such a way that it has both eglfs and xcb plugins but application uses xcb plug-in by default???
    Because I have notice that a application with both plug-in uses eglfs by default though the system is having X server.

  • Hi. I'm not sure that's something you could change on compile time. I think the best you can do is deploy only the platform plug-in you want, or use the proper command line argument when launching your application.

    ... The default platform plugin is also device specific. For instance, on many boards eglfs will be chosen as the default one. If the default is not suitable, the QT_QPA_PLATFORM environment variable parameter can be used to request another plugin. Alternatively, for quick tests, the -platform command-line can be used with the same syntax.

  • Thank you for your help

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