Qt/QML Developer | Jaguar Land Rover: USA

  • Qt/QML Developer
    Portland, OR
    Department: Technical Services
    The Open Software Technology Center (OSTC) in Portland, Oregon focuses on IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment). Technology is a major driver of cars and the user experience, and the OSTC strengthens JLR’s technology focus through R&D.
    Outline of Role

    JLR are working, from new facilities in Portland, to improve the user experience across a range of features within the company product offerings. This involves expanding the supply base to work with consumer electronics, apps and web concepts

    • Cross company Proof of Concept delivery for infotainment features

    • Rapidly iterating and developing concepts on to the Linux based platform

    • Working with the open source communities, collaborating with partner companies and external suppliers to create new concepts

    Examples of the Open POC can be found online at http://wiki.automotive.linuxfoundation.org/index.php/Main_Page

    An essential part of delivering the UX are the Qt/QML developers with professional Linux experience; who will be working closely with JavaScript HTML5, C++ and Graphics Developers on the same platform to generate the applications required.

    Main Responsibilities

    Act as Lead Qt QML developer for the JLR OSTC developer community.
    Provide, mentoring , coaching and formal teaching to developers who have a mixed experience of Qt/QML ranging from Beginner to Advanced
     Develop Graphical assets in Qt to Open and Closed Style Guides and Interaction models
    Interface to Open Source Community
    Create C++ QML Plugins
    Rapidly develop concepts and be able to actively work within development communities

    Key Criteria for Role

    Education – Equivalent of MSc or MEng experience
    Qt QML -   Very proficient  in QML- Has used extensively – minimum 2 years experience
    C++ development
    Linux based development
    Graphics and Interaction Design
    Working within development teams
    Excellent Communication Skills
    Working within development teams
    Understands and can demonstrate the priority of properties in QML elements – (Width vs Anchoring)
    Understands and can demonstrate MVC approach in QML
    Understands and can demonstrate in QML
    Bindings, Attached Properties, Signal/Slot, C++ QML Bindings.
    GIT/Gerrit /OBS/Yocto
    Working with Open Source Communities
    Working with suppliers
    Professional AGILE experience
    Has experience and appreciates of graphic user interfaces and Interaction design

    See the posting here: https://www.jlrtechincubator.com/content/qtqml-developer

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