• So, I built this yawn "Sudoku": application. Mostly, the goal was to design a solver that used OpenMP parallelism. As the project got further along, however, building the front-end using Qt's Model/View paradigm got to be a great exercise for this application. Please make comments and suggestions!

  • looks neat

  • Very good use of subtle colors. Why are numbers not in the center of cells? It'd look better IMO.

  • @warjan
    I guess I just never bothered to align the cells to the center. should be an easy enough fix. Thanks for checking it out! By the way, if you have a multi-core machine, it is fun to create a 25x25 puzzle, click solve, and watch the CPU usage hit the roof. On my dual quad-core machine a 25x25 takes about 30 seconds on average. I wouldn't recommend this if you have only a single single-core CPU!

  • I like the way our conversation is going. You're developer, I am designer. And it shows. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks! And, yes, I am a developer primarily. I appreciate input from designers, however, because sometimes developers build GUI frontends that reflect the nature of the solution algorithm. That's often not intuitive for users.

  • Moderators

    Your .pro-file triggered some interesting messages when building with MSVC. I had not seen those before.

    Thanks, those warnings and errors are now properly parsed by Qt Creator in master:-)

  • @Tobias

    What errors did it trigger?

  • Moderators

    Mostly command line arguments that are not compatible with MSVC and there is some problem with an empty LIBPATH which break the build on MSVC/windows.

    I have not investigated the causes of those messages, since I got distracted into fixing Qt Creator to properly parse those messages;-)

  • Hi!
    Cool project! Have you considered applying to the Qt Ambassador Program?
    You can read more about it here:

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