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LangSwitch in Category level Tools

  • Hi again,
    the wiki seems to have problems on adding the langswitch to categories:

    One Example is the: Category:Tools::QtCreator (/de,/....)

    I did run some test with different ideas to change the langSwitch Label, but the basic problem seems to be within the Category itself. The wiki magic words seem to be broken then. {{BASEPAGE}} actually should return the page without the language identifier (without subpage), but seems to be broken on categories:
    Namespace: Category
    pagename: Tools::QtCreator/de
    Basepage: Tools::QtCreator/de
    Rootpage: Tools::QtCreator/de
    SubPAge: Tools::QtCreator/de
    ARTICLEPAGENAME: Category:Tools::QtCreator/de
    SUBJECTPAGENAME: Category:Tools::QtCreator/de
    ARTICLESPACE: Category
    SUBJECTSPACE: Category
    Fullpagename: Category:Tools::QtCreator/de

    I even did run some tests with
    {{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | -1 }}
    which works fine as long one does not use this on the non-translated page, which would result in an empty string

    I also did try using regex only to find the regex parser is not installed
    REGEX: {{#regex: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |%^(.)(/.)$%|$1)}}

    Same goes for the RPOS function included in the string extension
    RPOS: {{#rpos:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|/}}

    As far as i can tell now, there would be no easy/not-complex way to solve this.

    So i decided to just keep the pages as they are.

    Install the regex extension or get the magic words to work with categories or simply remove translated categorypages

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