Create a slideshow in Raspberry pi without logging into the GUI mode(startx)

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    I am writing a C/C++ application on Raspberry Pi. Apart from lot of other things, one of the requirement is to display a slideshow of multiple images having different transition effects(fade, cut, push, wipe, random bars etc.). I have already written the slideshow using OpenVG but struggling to make the image transition effects.
    If any one of you kindly give me some pointers, that would be of immense help.
    I found couple of things - Qt on embedded linux and QtonPi. If either of them can make my objective achievable, that would be good. My constraint is that I have to run this app from console mode (no x server present). Please give me some pointers.

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    That should be doable using QtQuick and Eglfs backend (so that X11 is not needed).

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