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Wiki Internal error

  • Hello again,

    we are receiving an internal error message (DB unavailable) since yesterday trying to open the wiki.

    Is there any ETA when this will be fixed?
    I think everyone is getting this message?

  • Yes, it is also a problem here. returns "Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties."

  • Hello.

    I have the same Problem since yesterday afternoon. Well, that's the time frame I wanted to open a Wiki Link. I sent a Tweet to 'qtproject' at 11:26 AM (GMT+1), if they are aware of that Problem. Maybe I should have tweeted at 'digia' instead.

    Anyway: Its definitive a Problem at their end.

    Lets hope it will be fixed soon.

    Have a good Day

    EDIT01: Sent the same Question @ QtbyDigia.

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