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Why can't I write posts?

  • I tried to answer to posts or create new ones.
    NO privileges?
    What is this forum for? Or for whom?

    To clarify I was logged in like now.
    And I tried to create a post in the WebKitWidgets Forum.

    Don't know why it works here or why am I not supposed to contribute in other forums...

  • @dojoy
    This forum is for Qt users, like yourself. Mainly questions and answers, but also other discussions.

    It seems like you ran into some error, but could you try to post again and reply here on how it went?

  • Ok works again now...
    sorry for shouting out...

  • @dojoy no worries.

    I can't see what could have caused the problem from the logs, so it remains a mystery (the kind of mystery I don't like).

    Hope you get answers to your questions and have a good time!

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