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Tutorial on cross compiling, networked debugging using 2 virtual PC's. Where to put it into the wiki?

  • Hi All,

    I don't know howto setup Qt on my PC, cross compile my application there, deploy it onto my bananapi, and debug it over the network. Therefore I am planning on writing a tutorial on this. As a first step, I want to create 2 virtual machines, one for the Qt development platform using virtualbox, and the target using quemu. This allows me to write a procedure that only requires a PC with enough HD space to follow. Then when that procedure works, it should be easy to extend the article to actually use real hardware.

    Am I re-inventing the wheel? Has somebody already started such an article? If not, where should I put this article at

    Kind regards,

  • @cdwijs I can't find any references to banana pi on the wiki, so you are making original work. It is a combination of a lot of things, but definitely worth documenting.

    The approach sounds good too. Though I'm not entirely sure running virtualbox and qemu on the same machine works. At least my laptop won't let me run them side by side. I have to shut one down to run the other. (Windows in a virtualbox guest and Qt Android SDK uses qemu for device emulation)

    Make a suitably named page on the wiki, and include it into any categories that seem to be right.

    And lastly,
    Thank you for making things with Qt!

  • Hi Tekojo,

    I have started the page here, I will update it as I progress. For the first try I will use 2 virtual box Ubuntu PC's, that's the most easy way for me.

    Kind regards,

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