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New basic tutorial article

  • Hi All,

    Following "Andre's suggestion":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/4575/#27497 I have converted the first part of the tutorial in that thread into a "wiki article":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Basic_Qt_Programming_Tutorial complete with step by step screen shots to help newcomers along. I still need to expand on the description of what the code is doign in detail (e.g. describing the importance of the event loop).

    I will add the followup turorial shortly and then go on to progressively add more complexity and show-case more features/capabilities of Qt.

    I am planning a similar set of tutorial articles for the wiki where I will decompose the Qt Dev Net client that I am writing to show how to do things like:

    QML-based UI

    Custom QML components

    Custom QML components written in C++

    QNetworkAccessManager usage

    QXmlQuery usage

    Constructive comments welcomed as always.

  • Well done! What can be better than a step-by-step tutorial? :)

    Btw I have an idea to add some simple tutorial about Qt Creator and mobile development in the coming days. When I am ready I will add "see also" links to articles like this one :)

    10x, Leon

  • Great work ZapB!!, tonight I will start translating to Spanish your tutorial.

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