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Any Qt mobile design & development company in Chicago, USA?

  • Hello,

    A company I may be helping is currently looking for a design & development company that will design and build a mobile application (initially iOS and then Android). I would like to have them use a Qt based cross-platform application, but they are not that interested in companies outside Chicago at present. If you are or know of a company that will design and develop mobile apps in Chicago, please respond.

  • Hello

    If your client will change mind and accept remote companies than feel free to contact with me.
    We are based in Europe - software development house - Our team specialize in Qt/Design and we work with US companies (80% of our clients) and I decided to write.
    We can make your project from any side and our developers are working together. You dont need to search for each part different programmist. Our solution can also help to safe money and time.

    Qt is what we love and specialize and we have completed more than 120 Qt based projects world wide. C, C++, Python, JS is what we use with Qt everyday.


    Skype: zanetaww

    Zaneta at MILO

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