Inconsistant results using Qt

  • I have developed an 8 channel adc board for the Raspi Pi and am trying to write some software to read data from the board and present it graphically but I seem to be getting inconsistent results and the voltages being displayed are wrong.

    I wrote a short routine to display 100 readings from the adc board. I compiled it using Geany and it worked perfectly. Then I used the same code in Qt and compiled it as a terminal program and the results were all over the place. I can't undertsnd why the same code works on Geany and not on Qt. Can anyone help?

    The code can be downloaded from

    I am not using SPIdev to communicate with the adc, instead I have written routines to use direct register access and emulate SPIdev. This way I can use any spare GPIO pins I want and assign them to CS, CLK, MISO and MOSI but in the example, I have assigned the normal pins. The zip file contains adcio.h and adcio.cpp which are the header and c++ routines for doing just that.

    The third file, adcshow.cpp, contains the main() routine which requests the data and displays it. First, it calls a function getHWrev() which checks if you have an original or new 4 core Pi and sets the gpio base address accordingly.

    If I compile adcshow using Geany, when I run it (it has to be run from sudo due to the direct register access) I get a steady list of voltages which correspond to the actual voltage measured with a multimeter. I do get a few results a couple of points higher or lower but not that many.

    If I create a project on Qt and load these files in, when I run the compiled code, I get a list of voltages much lower than what the multimeter tells me and also some wide variation in the results.

    As I want to read data from an accelerometer, do an fft of the result and make determinations of a machine's condition based on these fft's, it is important that the data is good. As it stands, the data is garbage. Any idea why?

    Thanks guys, Steve.

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