PySide 1.0.2 - "80710a06": Python for Qt released!

  • The PySide team is proud to announce another minor release of PySide project.

    Major changes

    This release essentially includes a lot of bug fixes (most of then missing

    About PySide

    PySide is the Nokia-sponsored Python Qt bindings project, providing access to
    not only the complete Qt 4.7 framework but also Qt Mobility, as well as to
    generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any C++ libraries.

    The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you'd expect
    from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git repository [1], an open
    Bugzilla [3] for reporting bugs, and an open design process [4]. We welcome
    any contribution without requiring a transfer of copyright.

    List of bugs fixed

    781 Method "QPainter::drawPoints(const QPoint*, int)" missing
    782 Method "QPainter::drawPolygon(const QPointF*, int, Qt::FillRule)" missing
    783 Method "QPainter::drawPolyline(const QPoint*, int)" missing
    784 Method "QPainter::drawRects(const QRect*, int)" missing
    823 Shiboken doesn't support function call overloads
    741 Method "qreal QTextLine::cursorToX(int cursorPos, Edge edge = Leading) const" missing
    742 Method "void QPrinter::getPageMargins(qreal
    , qreal*, qreal*, qreal*, Unit) const" missing
    753 Methods "void QTextDocument::undo(QTextCursor*)" missing
    754 Methods "void QTextDocument::redo(QTextCursor*)" missing
    755 Methods "void QInputContext::setFocusWidget(QWidget*)" missing
    757 Constructor "QPixmap(const char* const[] xpm)" missing
    688 The iadd and isub method is missing in QTextFrame.iterator
    720 QByteArray prints itself wrong, on tp_print and tp_repr
    722 float vs. qreal conflict in new-style-signals
    739 Method "QTransform::map(qreal x, qreal y, qreal* tx, qreal* ty) const" missing
    740 Method "QBitmap::fromData(QSize,const uchar*,QImage::Format)" missing
    743 The removed method "QMatrix4x4::operator()(int, int)" should be replaced by an implementation of the sequence protocol
    744 Method "void QGraphicsLayout::getContentsMargins(qreal*, qreal*, qreal*, qreal*) const" missing
    745 Method "void QGraphicsLayoutItem::getContentsMargins(qreal*, qreal*, qreal*, qreal*) const" missing
    746 Method "QFormLayout::getLayoutPosition(QLayout*,int*,QFormLayout::ItemRole*)const" missing
    747 Method "QFormLayout::getWidgetPosition(QWidget*,int*,QFormLayout::ItemRole*)const" missing
    748 Method "QFormLayout::getItemPosition(int,int*,QFormLayout::ItemRole*)const" missing
    750 Method "QFontInfo QPainter::fontInfo() const" missing
    751 Method "void QSplashScreen::repaint()" missing
    752 Method "void QSplitter::getRange(int index, int* min, int* max) const" missing
    756 Method "void QWidget::getContentsMargins(int*,int*,int*,int*) const" missing
    758 Method "void QTextCursor::selectedTableCells(int*,int*,int*,int*)const" missing
    759 Method "virtual void QPicture::setData(const char* data, uint size)" missing
    764 Method "void QLayout::getContentsMargins(int*,int*,int*,int*) const" missing
    773 Method QWebFrame.metaData is missing
    774 Operator "QKeySequence::operatorconst" missing
    775 Operator "QKeySequence::operator QVariant() const" missing
    778 Iterator protocol methods missing for QTreeWidgetItemIterator
    787 ObjectDescription.fromIndex(int) is missing.
    788 QIPv6Address.getitem is missing.
    819 QFileDialog.getSaveFileName does not accept a 'selectedFilter' argument.
    843 Provide constants for Qt and PySide version (documentation)



  • I really love PySide's release names =)

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