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CuteStore : a QML Application store

  • Hi,

    I just want to share with you an idea I had before but never started.
    The idea was to create a qml application store which use both web feature
    and store feature .
    QML application would be packaged like a ruby or python package.
    Then you would be able to install it from command line using "cute"

     cute install weathertools

    And finally, cutestore would be a native UI application store and browser for
    uncentralized stored package.

    qtsore://www.mysever.com/cutestore/weathertools.cute will install or run
    online the package..

    I share a pdf I made before which explain briefly with a quick mokup.

  • Hi,
    why do you want to invent yet another package management system, but specifically for pure QML applications? Pure QML applications are only of very limited use. If you want to build any serious application with QML than you'll have QML only as frontend and implement the business logic completely in C++. And at this point you're exectly where we are today: You'll need a full blown package manager that is capable of handling compiled libraries and all the other stuff. What you're really calling for is the unification of all package management systems on all platforms and this will never happen.

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    Just like what @Wieland said , pure QML applications are only of very limited use. If it need to bundle compiled library for target platform , then it don't make much different than current package system on target platform. I guess people may still prefer original method.

    However, if it can work like NPM for local project. Then it will be much more interesting. Maintain the depended library list in a json file , grab all source code with specific version with just a single command. That will save a lot of development time and encourage developer to evaluate different solution.

  • The real goal is to have an alternative of html. Imagine a Web browser with qml page only.
    So pure qml with javascript is enough to build application and more easy to understand.
    Thats why cutestore is not a real store.. its more like a Google with Web application.

  • Imagine a Web browser with qml page only.

    Security nightmare. What a stupid idea, sorry!

  • This reminds me a bit of what Ubuntu is trying to do with the Click format (only remotely, Ubuntu has a completely different target with their packaging).

    I see a point in having something that would enable easy packaging and delivery of Qt components in general, not just QML (although QML only would be much easier). The range of supported platforms for Qt makes using existing package managers impossible, and something like npm for Qt would make sense.

    There is the inqlude project http://inqlude.org/ that has long term goals like this. That project is something to follow too.

    I think someone somewhere has asked whether it would be possible to run QML in a browser and if I recall correctly the answer was along the lines "yes it probably is possible, but no-one has had the time to even think about it properly".
    Of course if you are thinking of a separate "QML browser" that is an entirely different idea altogether.

    Anyhow, many interesting ideas in one. They would benefit from opened up a bit more, so the discussion would have more concrete points.

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    @dridk said:

    The real goal is to have an alternative of html. Imagine a Web browser with qml page only.

    It would be cool to see QML used for web apps. Someone has made a start on this: http://akreuzkamp.de/2013/07/10/webapps-written-in-qml-not-far-from-reality-anymore/

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