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QNX 6.6, Qt 5.3: black screen on QGraphicsView with QOpenGLWidget

  • Hello!

    I build two versions of the program that displays some graphic scene (QNX 6.6 + Qt 5.3). They are different by a line of code:
    graphicsView-> setViewport (new QOpenGLWidget ()));
    Without this code line, all the displays, but slow. With this code line displays a black screen (QGraphicsView is one black screen).

    Default gears applications for test OpenGL is working.
    I try to change QOpenGLWidget to QGLWidget - black screen.

    In OS Windows both applications work, and application with QOpenGLWidget working fast.

    How can I fix this?
    Thanks for help.

    P.S. Installing Qt 5.4 don't helped.