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Qt Course Trilogy on Pluralsight now 40% off!

  • In celebration of the 4,000th course being added to the library Pluralsight is offering 40% off of annual subscriptions. This would be access to the ENTIRE library. I am the author of the three courses on Qt that they carry. The first course is an introduction to Qt, the second focuses on Qt Quick and the third deals with integrating Qt Quick with C++. If you don't want to commit to an annual subscription then send me a forum email and I can get you a week long VIP pass good for unlimited viewing. However, be aware the 40% off sale is only valid until April 30th.

  • I accidentally have two accounts. Use this one if you want to contact me. Also I guess we no longer have a private email system so if you want a VIP pass use the drop down next to my name or click on my photo and select Chat. I don't know if that will notify me by email. If it doesn't it may take me longer to respond.

  • I have to give an up vote for these courses. Well done, informative both for experienced and novice users. Highly recommended!

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