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[Solved] Trouble to mark as Solved

  • Having trouble to mark my post as solved with the pull-down list.

  • Sorry missed this completely.

    It should work. You can try by editing the topic header and adding [Solved] to the beginning.

  • @tekojo
    The issue is that you can see under "Topic Tools" the entry "Mark Solved". This suggests that you can simply use this for marking your post as "Solved". However, nothing happens.
    Another thing is that the entry is not present here under this forum's topic.

    Marking a post through the topic line I had found later on.

  • Yes, I'm looking at an alternative that would use tags and not the topic line. That would also help with searching, as it would create a tag.
    The downside is that it requires 0.7.0, which is still in the works. (it can't be long now, three bugs open against 0.7.0 in the upstream)

  • @tekojo
    "Mark Solved" under "Topic Tools" is not active yet.
    That is what confused. Hope that the new version will come out soon.

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