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  • Hi,

    I am new in Qt Quick, and its hard to find any resources about it, else the official resources

    anyway, is that allowed if i post any code in this forum, that will help others to start with Qt Quick more easier.

    such as ..

    read the data from php page that generate rss file, then view it in a Qt Quick form with some actions.

    also i will happy if the professionals here check my code to improve it.


  • Posting big chunks of code here is not a great idea, but snippets are welcome. Also consider creating a wiki page instead with your code and an explanation on it. Contributions are very welcome. Larger units of code should be hosted externally though, for instance on gitorious.org.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for clarifying.

  • Hi Fadi,

    one thing:

    please choose a clearer topic next time.
    And I moved the topic to Beta Testing, as it is not QtQuick related, more a general forum question.

  • Hi Fadi, http://qt.nokia.com/qtquick/ has links leading off to the documentation and the wiki. Let us know what you feel is missing and maybe we have more to show.

    Regarding asking the community for help reviewing your code: I suggest not posting a whole bunch of code in a thread called "Please review" (as the worst case scenario ;) ) but rather limit it to the sections you actually have trouble with and/or questions about. And as Gerolf says: spend a moment on the topic - so others easily can see what it's about.

    Andre has a good tip if you want to give others a chance to look at your whole app; put it on gitorous.org or similar (if you have a fitting license).

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