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Senior Windows UI Software Engineer - Paris, France

  • Dashlane is looking for a Senior Windows UI Software Engineer to join them in their Paris office. Dashlane is a rapidly growing venture-backed startup based in NYC and Paris. With over 2.5 million customers, we are the leading password manager and digital wallet.

    Within the development team, you will lead the development of the desktop version of Dashlane for Windows including management of secure data sync across different platforms. You will be involved in the development of a variety of aspects of the Dashlane Windows application, including making the best user interface. You will participate in making the application more stable, less CPU and memory consuming, easier to use, and with a great design quality.

    About You:
    You have at least 5 years of working experience in Windows application programming
    You are a fast and motivated developer driven by UX and UI innovation on Windows application
    You have significant experience in Windows native application programming
    You have already worked with a Windows UI framework such as QT or GTK
    You have a good knowledge of C++ or another Object Oriented Programming Language
    You have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for code quality that follows best practices
    You have a strong fundamentals in computer science: data structures, algorithms, software design
    You are fluent in technical English
    Knowledge of the Win32 API is a plus

    At Dashlane you will:
    Have a lot of autonomy and be at the forefront of building a cutting edge platform that helps millions of people every day
    Push Code to production on your first day and not deal with big company bureaucracy
    Work on complex speed and scaling challenges as we expand to a global audience
    Be involved in Product decisions and share ownership in the company’s success
    Work with a world class team on both sides of the Atlantic, (New York & Paris)
    Come up with playful/light hearted prank ideas for your co workers
    Wake up every morning, excited to come into work and have fun!

    You can apply directly for this role here:

  • We have 40+ recommendations and most of them are from US clients.

    Our software house had our idea win a startup accelration in Shanghai last year. Now the hard thing: to find the proper team for the job. We do our own products, suppport startups and run our own 2 startups.

    C, C++, Python, JS is what we use with Qt everyday


    Skype: zanetaww

    Zaneta at MILO

  • Is this position still open? If yes please send me an email at or skype at mrdebug.
    To have an idea about me please have a look at
    My english level is B2.

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