New posts iritatingly 0 ???

  • Hi,

    when I came home yesterday and had a look at dev net, it said, 354 new posts. I did not look into any, switched off the pc and today, it said 12 new posts? Where are the 354 new posts from yesterday?

    Is this a known issue?

  • Yep, it happens sometimes to me to.

  • Marius once said about it. Is I understood, it's reseting posts old of three days, but I'm not sure

  • I was away for 6 days, just opened it and thought: read it tomorrow.... :-(

  • Hands are shaking, you cannot stop yourself to click on the link... It seems to be an addiction :)

  • I don't know the details - but after a handful of days or more it tends to reset. I think it's a limitation (much to keep track of) and not a bug.

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