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allow ' (apostrophe) instead of ` (grave accent) for code start and end tag characters

  • The editor markdown tags specifies the grave accent character for code blocks/snippets, this:


    (unicode should be U+0060, as I found in the windows charmap)
    Unfortunately, Italian and italian-like keyboards do not provide it by default. They instead provide the apostrophe character:


    (unicode should be U+0027, as I found in the windows charmap)

    Can you please make the forum accept the apostrophes for code blocks/snippets?

  • That is a problem. We'll look into how to do that.

    You can also denote code blocks by adding four spaces in front the code lines. Not as simple, but does the same thing.

  • Hi,

    IIRC on Windows and Italian keyboard (I'm Italian too) you can print ` pressing Alt+096

    Sorry I cannot try because now I'm on a Mac with US keyboard

  • @tekojo Thank you for your support! I've been using spaces up to now, but it's getting very difficult if you have large chunks of code.

    @mcosta Yes, but you may agree with me that this is not as immediate as a key press :D I could also simply do a copy-paste from the description on the right (or down) side of the forum where there are those characters, but if they can make it work nicely with apostrophes then it will be better for lazy people (me :D).

  • @T3STY Agree, but IIUC the forum uses a standard Markdown parser so is not easy to change this behaviour

  • Guys, if it's too much work (or if this might break something else) then I won't get offended if you won't implement this! I can live without it ;)

  • There is a plugin that adds quite a lot of the markdown codes to the quick links, but the next update apparently breaks it, so I'll wait a for that before adding it.

  • Just a small suggestion, probably it would be easy enough to implement... could you make the forum automatically replace three apostrophes with 3 grave accent chars? I guess it would be easier than making the thread parser recognize new markups..? just my 0.02€ :)

    Thank you again and if you'll eventually implement it just let me (us) know so we can use the new feature ;)

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