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[SOLVED] Cannot login with my account of the previous forum

  • After the old forum has been moved to the new forum I am unable to login with my old account.
    Attempting to login with my email and password of the old account does not succeed.
    I tried to use the "forgot password" option to reset it, but the email never arrived.

    Now I have registered again with the same email I used for the old account (but different password... if that matters). My old account's username is T3STY. It seems you can find it at this link on the new forum:
    Can you please merge this account (T3STY_1) with my old account (T3STY) and let me use only one? I need it as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    p.s. I'd like to maintain my old username, T3STY. I have a long enough story on that account and I don't want to loose my old threads.

    OK, nevermind!
    Seems like registering with the same email will automatically merge the new account with the old one.
    For anyone else having the same issue, just register with the same email you've use for the old account!

  • @T3STY
    Hi, good to hear you managed to get back again.
    If you mark your post with [SOLVED] you may definitely help others with similar issues.
    And by the way, AFAIK you may edit your username without problems as the forum is merged to your email only.


  • I forgot to mark it solved before, sorry for that. I marked it now ;)

    Anyway, yes. My new username should've been T3STY_1 (since it said T3STY was already taken i had to pick another one). But right after I posted I noticed my username became T3STY (the username I had in my <old> account) and the old account was merged into the new account. That's just great!

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