student job in Romania, Tirgoviste, Brasov, Bucuresti

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    In Management and Organizational solutions we provide “on the shelf” or customizable options for our customers. You will be part of a new team which is responsible for improvement, development and optimization of existing software.
    Job Responsibilities:
    • Being responsible for feature development of new software and/or extensive software revisions
    • Interface definition and UI programming
    • Implementing GUI of our professional high-end industrial ERP
    • Collaborating with team members and customers to provide solutions
    • student in computer science, engineering or in a similar specialization
    • experience as a software developer
    • background in OOP/OOD as well as skills in C++
    • background in database design and Postgresql
    • good skills in Qt, experience with other UI frameworks is a plus
    • Self-reliant, solution-oriented way of working with outstanding team and communication skills
    • Very good English language skills are required
    We offer:
    • The possibility for students to work maximum 6 hours a day, the rest is for studding


    If you are interested please write me back.

  • @angelicaP Hello, I am a student in Brasov and I was starting developing Qt projects a year ago. I have both studies in computer engineer (computer science) as well as economics. I really want to know more about your offer. Please let me know how can I contact you.

  • Is it okay, if I have Student Visa?

  • @angelicaP Hello I'm from Cuba and I have 4 years experience using Qt. I also worked with Borland Delphi 7 and Borland Builder C++ 6 and I´m learning Symfony 2.0 right now using NetBeans 7. I graduated at CUJAE as an Engineer in Automatics on July 2014. I´m doing my social service at Etecsa where I'm developing an app for the Logistics Division. I also have a Informatics Technician degree. Furthermore, I have been involved in projects for MINSAP, specifically for ENSAP (Public Health National School) and for Finlay's Lab. If you require further information my email is

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