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Questions around Qt Certification

  • Hello guys,

    I've been using Qt for more than two years for various purposes, only on desktop.

    I was thinking about passing the Qt certification exam (and latests blog post raised my desire even more) but I still have a few questions:

    • Do we get access to Qt documentation? I program with Boost, Qt, some other internal frameworks (and even some other languages) on a daily basis and I sometime tend to confuse things. Moreover, when I have real developper work to do, I just keep the doc opened on one of my screens...
    • It's fairly hard to get an insight of the actual required level to have a chance to succeed these exams : Qt is definitely heavyweight and they are definitely large gray areas : I hate playing with UI e.g.
    • As professional activity, I have to recruit as well and I wonder what credit I shall give to this certification when recruiting (knowing that almost no one got it now and that Qt is quite intuitive as a framework)

    If any one can provide some feedback, I 'd be glad (ofc, not breaking any NDA, I just would like to get a user feeling on the subject)

  • Hi Florent,

    during the test, no help is allowed. No mobile, no inet, no docs. Just a PC with the test software and you :-)

    As you said, you are working with Qt on the desktop for 2 years now, the base exam should not be difficult. The advanced depends up on your know how of Qt and C++ (depending, which advanced exam you take). The advanced exams are (that's why they are advanced) harder than the basic exam.

    I suggest making the base one and check if you find it easy, medium or hard. If one of the first two, take a look at the circulum for the advanced and do them.

    • No access to documentation.
    • IMHO to pass Essentials you need to work with Qt for one-two years, to pass Specialist UI you need to work with Qt for three-four years, to pass Specialist C++ you need to work with C++ for two-four years. Exams are not too hard. Essentials took for me 20 minutes, Specialist exams took around 25-30 minutes each.
    • I think that Qt certificates can show that person has some level of knowledge in Qt. It is not a big advantage, but not small too :) (at least you can move to advanced questions during interview and skip simple like what is QObject and signal-slots mechanism)

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