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The Qt Trilogy of Video Courses is Complete

  • My third Pluralsight course in the series on the Qt Framework is now live! The "first course": offered an introduction to the Qt Framework for C++ programmers. The "second course": explained how Qt Quick works and how and why you would use it instead of Qt Widgets to create elegant fluid front-end interfaces. In this course, "Integrating Qt Quick with C++":, you’ll learn to balance the ingredients from the first two courses and really get cooking with Qt and Qt Quick. Specifically, I’ll show you how to integrate your C++ back-end code with your beautiful QML based Qt Quick GUI. I’ll use a real-world application as a guiding example. You'll also discover several new areas of the Qt framework in the process.

    I have a limited number of VIP passes available. If you aren't a Pluralsight subscriber and you want to check out the VIP level for free send me an email through this forum.

    ! balancing ingredients)!

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