Need help starting to create some UI

  • Hi.
    I want to create something similar to this:
    ! is from CodeBlocks)!

    I have an application which has a TabWidget in the main window. But I want that before any tab is created by the user, there is an "introduction" like the one shown in the picture.

    Hope you can give me some idea on how to do it. I thought of using HTML but see no way to link a "url" to a SLOT (for triggering the different actions provided).

    Sorry if there is an obvious way of doing this.

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    there are many ways to implement this.

    As you said you could use HTML. For this you can use QtWebkit module and connect to QWebView::linkClicked() signal.

    Or you can implement this entirely in Qt. This can be done via QML and also via C++. Nevertheless you should look into Qt's layouts ("QML": / "C++":

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