Websockets chat server for an RPG project

  • Hello guys,

    we are an enthusiastic team actively working on a fantasy RPG for over 8 months. More information "here":https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?52396-ROYALTY-Divine-Warfare-NEEDS-YOU .

    We are currently looking for a collaborator, who could develop and maintain a chat server application working over websockets and possibly telnet protocols. The chat protocol (and server) should be able to handle login/logout (using our REST API), storing and loading messages in a database, marking messages read/unread, "/me" command, text coloring and a little bit of maintenance commands for users set as admins (in a config file is OK), like number of connected clients, etc.

    We can offer a post-launch compensation for your time or wanted reward logged in our project management system. You can mention this work in your portfolio.

    And you can have fun with us! We are a friendly team, you might join us with other tasks once the chat server is ready. :)

    In case of your interest, please mail me.

    Miroslav Kašpar
    project coordinator

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