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C++/Qt software engineers needed - The Hague

  • Note: the vacancies have closed.

    At "i-Optics", a medical device company, we are looking to expand our team and hire some additional software engineers. We have a small but international team of engineers, working on software and algorithms to support our hardware devices. We work using the Agile/Scrum methodology. We are located in the center of The Hague, The Netherlands.

    We currently have openings for some engineers on all career levels. Minimum requirements are:

    • decent C++ knowledge
    • willingness to work in our office in The Hague. Remote work is not possible.
    • already allowed to work in the EU. We can NOT help you get a working visum!
    • ability to communicate professionally in English

    For the more senior roles, we also ask:

    • thorough C++ knowledge
    • software design skills
    • ability to work with UML
    • ability to coach more junior team members

    Bonus skills:

    • Qt knowledge
    • Knowledge of image processing
    • Knowledge of UI & UX design
    • Knowledge of medical practices

    For more information, contact me via

  • Hello

    Very interesting job offer and it looks like our Qt team is answer for your question. We are not an agency - we are a developing house.

    We are strong team of Qt framework professionals how have done more than 100 Qt projects on various platforms.

    Our skills has been confirmed by Nokia Qt Developer Certificates. Our team members are also actively supporting Qt community on official forums.

    We also trying to improve Qt framework giving our support on Qt development mailing list. We have proven our proficiency in many market projects that were designed for various platforms. In addition our company has separate Web development department so we are great partner for creating systems that requires communication between Qt application and custom designed web servers.

    Let’s have a chat:

    *Skype: zanetaww





    Zaneta Wisniewska

    Junior Account Manager

    MILO Solutions*

  • No, it doesn't look like your team is what we are looking for. We are looking for strong C++ (Qt) developers who want to come and work with us here in the office; who want to be part of our team. We want to offer them a position within our company. It doesn't seem to me you are offering that: you only seem to be offering developers for hire. We have developers, we just need some more.

    Unless you are offering that we are welcome to strip your team of its best members to come work for us, we are not interested in 3rd parties offering their (consulting) services.

  • Millo solution!
    Please stop spam every job's article

  • This not a spam, We are doing projects based on Qt and as well as all of you we are searching them.

    I will write more different next time. Sorry for that. But as i said is not SPAM.

  • [quote author="zanetaw" date="1421848230"]This not a spam, We are doing projects based on Qt and as well as all of you we are searching them.

    I will write more different next time. Sorry for that. But as i said is not SPAM.[/quote]

    Our opinions on that differ a lot. We're clear that we are looking to employ people ourselves. That we are looking for people to come and work for us, here in our office. That's not the service you are offering. Instead, you keep posting your same add about your team of developers. You've already been told by the forum admin that that behavior is not acceptable. If it is not spam, it is not far from it either.

  • Yes i got information and than my next post was like suppose to be. And as a person which is searching projects or companies which are interested in i have right to post. So stop pushing me what i did wrong because i got information once and no need to post it twice. check history of time when i change my post type (and btw last one was last week just once)

  • I did notice that you had changed your posting contents, but also that you're still not taking "no" for an answer. Do you really think that that is going to bring you more clients? Or make you look like a place developers would love to work for that matter?

  • Im sorry but i just answer to the company as a Thank you. I didnt say someone to this or that. I think this not the place to argue right now - in here u are searching a worker so also lets not make a spam.

  • Sorry, I can't make much sense of your last posting.

    We have multiple positions open, in fact, so applications are still welcome (and if you do see this here, please contact us directly instead of going through an agency, that's better for all parties involved). Applications by candidates are still welcome. And just to be very clear: we are not interested in offers from companies.

  • We currently have no vacancies anymore.

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