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New Qt logo

  • Anybody has an idea where to find the new Qt logo in decent quality? Preferably in .svg format. I mean the one in top left corner of this website.

  • The thread is not specifically related to this website. The new logo is AFAIK being introduced everywhere.

  • It looks like the logos haven't been released on the site.

    I'll ask the people who should handle this.

    You could probably get the logo by using the contact us form on

  • Moderators

    Hi ondrejandrej,

    I moved your thread to this subforum, because the issue is about a missing web page: There is supposed to be a page on the Qt website that provides the logo and terms of use.

    Anyway, the subforum "General and Desktop" is for programming questions.

    To clarify Tero's post, go to and use the "Contact Us" form to request the logo.

  • No need for the contact form this time. I'm taking care of this.
    Most people are out for new year, so don't expect anything to show up before next week.

    If you really urgently need the logo, please mail me.


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