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Movie Organizer - Looking for contribs for huge and cool Qt Project

  • Hey community !

    I'm posting there to ask for help for a project.

    You can find it at

    It's a movie organizer. You can think of iTunes or Amarok : it's the same idea but for movies.

    It is and it will stay opensource (GPLv3 for now)

    It is for you if:

    • You are looking for a project to train you Qt-style
    • You want to practize but you don't know what (even newbees !)
    • You are a senior coder and you want a cool project (we are looking for a mentor too)

    On the main page you'll find some basic coding rules: it may evolve with remarks of the contributers.

    We are really open minded, if you have ideas, and you can show they are good, you will be able to do it !

    Have fun and see you soon !

    PS: You can send me a MP if you're interested

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