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Req: Somebody who has knowledge of Qt source to fix a bug

  • I need to find somebody with experience and knowledge of the Qt source, especially the web kit/flash integration who could fix a bug in Qt5.4

    I have a ticket here which explains and as you will see Allan has also pointed towards a possible solution

    As you'll see it was ok in 4.8.5, (Can be demonstrated using a third party browser qtweb.net) it looks like 5.x, including 5.4 final release is an issue (can be replicated as an issue in the 5.4 Qt demo browser), and we need to build in 5.4, other versions of Qt have other bugs that cause too many problems for us.

    Drop me a message if you think you could help,



  • Hi,

    It looks like our Qt team is exactly what you need. We are strong team of Qt framework professionals how have done more than 100 Qt projects on various platforms. Our skills has been confirmed by Nokia Qt Developer Certificates.

    In addition our company has separate Web development department so we are great partner for creating systems that requires communication between Qt application and custom designed web servers.

    Let’s have a chat

    Skype: zanetaww
    Email: zwisniewska@milosolutions.com
    LinkedIn: pl.linkedin.com/in/zanwis/
    WWW: http://milosolutions.com
    Zaneta Wisniewska
    Junior Account Manager
    MILO Solutions

  • I have send a message, looks like they can't look until after xmas, trying to find a fix a.s.a.p.

  • Hi, have you considered using http://www.kdab.com/fixmyqtbug/ ? Please drop us a line to discuss. We have a deep understanding of all parts of Qt and are regular contributors and so can organise upstreaming the fix into the next release of Qt so that you won't be troubled by it again in the future.

  • @ZapB

    Thanks for the info, unfortunately I can't put 7,500 Euro in a small web kit fix.. or any fix for that matter.. not unless I get shares in Digia ;-)

  • Sure, I totally understand. That's our fixed price offering. We can also undertake work on a time and materials basis so if it's a simple fix you only pay a small amount. Of course we would provide you with an estimate first. If you are interested please drop us a line at info@kdab.com.

    Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Yeah, I would think it's quite a small fix, especially considering it worked fine in 4.8.5, it's just 5.2 and greater where it seems to be a problem.

    I'll drop an email over to info@kdab.com to get some feedback

    Thanks, and a Happy Xmas and Happy New Year to yourself also, it arrived quickly! it looks like a lot of people have bailed today.



  • I sent an email to the address you supplied but unfortunately did not receive a reply

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