Qt5 on Pi - the future

  • Got Qt4 running on the Pi without too much issue with aptitude package manager…..s..l…o…w…compiling natively but fairly casually installed.

    Qt 5 on the other hand seems a horrific install/compile/cross-compile with not that much material, some dead links and all looking like it’s never quite going to polish up.

    Is this as good as dead-and-buried? A permanent statement of intent? Great in principle but in practice has issues?

    I really want to like it, but the hurdle to even getting simple Qt5 stuff up for evaluation on the Pi is too high and it seems to perhaps have lost a bit of momentum

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    The wikis might not be up to date, but with recent Qt 5 releases it it really enough to just run configure, make and make install... and start using (after 3 days compilation time in case of native compilation). Patching Qt source code is no longer needed.

    Some prebuilds available here: "link":http://twolife.be/raspbian/pool/test/.

  • Thanks for your optimistic reply....but another example of a here-today-gone-tomorrow link (there's some broken links already on the trail of Qt5 on Pi) and then THREE DAYS compilation?!

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    Three days on target, I am not talking about cross compilation. That is how long it takes - Qt 5 is a big framework, and rPi has a very weak CPU. That is why most people use and recommend cross-compilation. It is much, much faster (depending, of course, on host PC speed).

  • Cross compilation is pretty straightforward. The embedded docs even use Raspi as an example configure command... http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-5.4/embedded-linux.html

    This of course assumes you have a working toolchain and sysroot.

    For commercial usage there's http://doc.qt.digia.com/QtEnterpriseEmbedded/index.html which also has Raspberry Pi as one of it's officially supported platforms.

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