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END OF SEARCH [Qt/C++ Engineer, mid-level/senior, Berlin]


    My sincere thanks to all applicants and responses.
    All emails will be answered shortly. Pls. allow for a few
    days for me to get in touch with everyone who has
    sent a mail.

    End of postscript


    on behalf of a customer I am looking for a mid-level to senior
    Qt developer. Willingness to relocate to Berlin/Germany is
    required. Relocation efforts will be supported, but eligibility
    for work visa is required. Remote/freelance work not an option.

    This is for taking part in a software product development,
    for a highly interactive and technologically ambitious tool.
    Friendly and casual, yet competitive work environment,
    highly skilled colleagues.

    Pls. provide specific and verifiable information on Qt
    experience along with CV.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS, Pls note, I will be answering on Wednesday, December 3.
    I am away from email/web until then.

  • Hi,

    What about Relocation?

    Best Regards,

  • Sure!

    Your post read as if you would advertise the services from a business.
    Any qualified individual potentially willing to relocate I could only
    enourage to provide her/his CV (by personal email).


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