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TODO Plugin for QtCreator

  • Thank you, Markus! It's good!

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    ... but then you do not get the project wide TODOs, only those in the currently open files. I am not sure whether that is what you want or not.

    I would like to second Markus suggestion to use Tasks and the Build issues view. That way you get instant access to the TaskHandler infrastructure used to implement the functionality seen in the build issues context menu/navigation. I would consider "Blame" TaskHandler to be very useful in the context of TODO/HACK items:-)

    It would be pretty trival to add a "Mark as done" TaskHandler, too which would trigger a quickfix to remove the TODO comment...

    The downside of using tasks is that -- at this time -- they do expect a error/warning/other kind of severity and that the icons are hardcoded based on this severity.

  • Thank you, Tobias, for your opinion, I shall think about it.

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    Vass: Feel free to contact me if you need enhancements to the task class;-) I am happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Hi Folks! I update my plugin.

    Recent changes:

    • Plugin settings available
    • Task window or Todo pane output selector
    • Scanning all file in project or only current file selector
    • Keywords editor
    • Locale support
    • Bug fixes and new bugs :)

    Please, use and test it, and report me you suggestions.

  • Nice work!

  • Every IDE needs this. It is brilliant and just what I was looking for. Is there any reason why this doesn't come with QtCreator?

    Prefer the new pane rather than inside build frame like Markus plugin. Glad you guys are working together on it.

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    Vass: How about doing a merge request to get your work into Qt Creator proper?

  • Hello Tobias!
    Sorry, noticed your comment only now (because of all this "Project Elf" rush)

    I will very glad, if my plugin will merge to QtCreator, but I don't know what needed for it.
    And now plugin not compatible with MASTER of QtCreator.

    I think there are some rules for merge request will be accepted.
    If you help me and tell me what I should do for merge, I'll be very grateful.

  • Tobias, building on the Vass plugin, could something be built to do static code analysis within the creator going fwd? something like the checkstyle or PMD plugin available for eclipse? could be very helpful to the developers

  • Chetan, Unlikely it's not possible, this plugin is very-very simple.

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    chetankjain: We are starting to introduce checks static code analysis. Currently most of the prototyping seems to happen in the QML camp: They introduced JSlint like functionality into the QML editor recently.

    The C++ engine is prepared ready to add more checks, too, but so far nobody found the time to get down and write some checks.

    Of course there is also the quick fixes (in C++ as well as QML) which can even "fix up" common problems for you. There are already some of those, but the UI is not really giving any feedback where you can fix things at this time... Try e.g. hitting Alt-Return on a string constant.

  • yes Tobias have seen some of the c++ refactor options in creator, will chk on the QML part

  • I’ve tweaked this plugin in order to make the source code to comply with Qt coding style plus some other changes. This is the repository: .

    So, I would like to merge the plugin into Qt Creator codebase (Vass agrees, I’ve contacted him before).

    Well, the question is what should I do?

  • I think (but I'm not sure) you need do clone of qtcreator repos, add plugin to your qtcreator repos and request merge.

  • That should do the trick.

  • Ok, thanks. Waiting now…

  • I am using this plugin, unfortunately it does not support Polish letters. When I write "możliwość" in the pane the displayed text is "mo?zliwo??". Could somebody fix this?

  • It would be nice to somehow give up some filters, now our todo list of the whole project is useless because at least half the items are in external dependencies like google mock etc.
    It would be very nice to exclude paths containing certain keywords.

  • Well we solved it by using a new keyword, an abbreviation from our ticket system as we have as rule anyways to have every todo reference to a ticket to solve it.

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