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Qt Software Development Engineer Role

  • Our Seattle area client founded in 1968 is a world leader in providing nondestructive (NDE) inspection solutions based on integrated multi-method technologies — Phased Array and Conventional UT, Eddy Current and Eddy Current Array Testing. Non Destructive Examination is the act of evaluating a welded component (or material to be welded) without affecting the serviceability of the part or material.

    They have the expertise, the engineering skills and the manufacturing flexibility to supply integrated and specific solutions that make customers safer, more productive and profitable. This includes a line of turn-key systems, instrumentation, software products, supplies, calibration, repair, training and inspection services, all offered world-wide.

    Knowledge & Skills:
    Technical Tools:
    Platforms: Languages/Technologies: Software Packages:
    Windows C++, C#, XML .NET, Qt 3, STL, Boost, PostgreSQL
    ? Effective communication skills, including strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively within a team.
    ? Ability to work toward and achieve scheduled deadlines.
    ? Strong ability to debug and resolve complex software coding problems.
    ? Demonstrated ability to independently schedule and executive development assignments.
    ? Knowledge of system and administration concept specific to the design platform.
    ? Demonstrated ability to independently schedule and execute complex development assignments.
    ? Able to take vague ideas or requirements and turn them into clarified, accepted and actionable tasks.

    Education Minimum Requirements/Equivalent:
    ? Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field or equivalent work experience.

    ? Minimum of 6 to 8+ years programming experience in a variety of languages, including object-oriented languages.
    ? C++ and multithreaded experience required.
    ? Experience in a scrum or agile like environment.
    ? Communication with devices over Ethernet preferred.
    ? Qt, XML, STL, and Boost experience preferred.
    ? C#, SQL, PostgreSQL experience a plus.
    ? Experience designing and implementing user interface based applications.


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