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Senior Developer looking for a new challenge

  • Senior developer at commercially successful audio company looking for next challenge to apply Qt skills.

    Primarily focussed on Qt 4.8 building headless applications for embedded devices as well as desktop control software.

    Core competency revolves around web and network applications for delivering music to end users.

    Other skills include C, kernel driver development.

    Looking for permanent roles but open to contracting in the UK. If the role is right oversees relocation will be considered.

  • Hi,

    I am currently looking to hire a Qt Developer/ expert based to be based in Germany.

    Would this be of interest?


  • Hi,

    Looking at your request, I wanted to make you aware of my Qt post:

    We are also looking to hire full time people, and your audio background could be valuable. We are building out are own low latency, high fidelity audio. . Mention my name if you send in a resume.


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