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Spanish translation of Qt documentation

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm administrator at the spanish community website "Zona Qt": In the time we have been online, we have been mainly answering questions through the discussion forum and translating some Qt news and Labs blog posts. This have been useful for some people, but we are frequently linking and translating/explaining the content of english language sites like Qt documentation, Qt DevNet threads or wiki pages and other forums like Qt Centre.

    This has made us think that it would be very useful to have spanish translations of learning materials such as books, FAQ's like the one in Qt DevNet, tutorials, and even the Qt documentation.

    At the moment, we have a translation team of about five people (hoping to be many more soon). At the translation team have decided to start with the book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (1st Edition) - The official C++ / Qt because it's the most complete guide about Qt that we know.
    As far as we know the book is under a license that allows to legally download it, but we don't know if is allowed to publish a translation.

    I'm posting this here because we like to know your thoughs and because we like to know if we can have some kind of guidance and support of you.
    In particular some things we would like to know are:

    • Do you think that the the book translation is a good start or you would recommend some other material? (Tutorials, learning material, Docs, FAQ, etc)
    • Does the license of the book allows to publish a translation?
      It would also be possible to translate the second edition of the book?
    • Can you suggest or provide us a version control tool or system for the translation files? (Have seen something here about a translation in launchpad but can't remeber...)
    • There's some official translation project in wich can help, like Qt Creator or Qt Quaterly? I think that this would excite a lot our community!

    That's all for the moment, hope you find it interesting!

  • Hi mkfnx, you should talk to "Alexandra": when she is back from vacation, that's in one weeks time. I'm sure she would help you out, it's a great initiative.


  • Hello,

    We have started a project of that kind for French: translation of the Qt 4.4 tutorial, some Qt Quarterlies, some Qt Labs, then a bunch of doc. We are using SVN for the first projects; for the doc, we used a totally different system: a DokuWiki, with a tool for importing pages from the doc (written by ourselves). We used a wiki rendering plugin to create the pages we serve to our visitors (basically, a PHP script calling the rendering engine and writing the result in a file).

    Why DokuWiki? It does not use any database, so is easily hackable in every chunk of code. Also, it has a plugin system that makes writing new rendering engines really easy (for the other kinds of plugins, we're doing it ... well, not so beautiful a way).

    Where you will have problems is pages you don't have translated. What we are doing is downloading it from Nokia's servers, then do some hack to have it render well in our template, and eventually cache it - it costs several seconds for pages like QWidget!

    Also, there were things we did not like in the Qt doc: for example, you cannot ask for the page

    You're given a 300 error - with a PHP redirector and a .htaccess file, we translate this URL to the file we have.

    In practice, this is what it looks like: If you want further details, just ask ;).

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