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Qt Quick Fundamentals Course

  • My second "Pluralsight ": course, "Qt Quick Fundamentals":, on the Qt Framework went live today. This one focuses solely on Qt Quick/QML with small amounts of JavaScript. If you're still writing your desktop GUIs in Qt Widgets you may want to give it a look. As always, I'm open to constructive criticism, if you're a Qt pro and have any feedback on the course it would be much appreciated. Pluralsight is a subscription based service but I can give anyone interested a week long (unlimited hours) free pass. Just send me an email through this forum.

  • Thanks! As an old school C++ programmer I wanted an introduction to declarative
    programming and this announcement was a good opportunity. I enjoyed it all the
    way through and the pace showed to be perfect, I didn't have to go back or
    jump any bits at all. I can't think of any cons what so ever. So thanks a lot! You have created a very good course and I hope others will
    enjoy it as much as I did!

  • Now where's the THUMBS UP button when you really want one! Thank you vemod.

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