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Who all gave a thumbs up to my post?

  • Currently I can see like 5 thumbs up for my post. It would be interesting to click on the 5 and see the list of users who gave the post a thumbs up. If too many thumbs up, then maybe the most recent 20 users... so on

  • We have discussed this in the team earlier and went with anonymous ratings, to keep it simply as a "this content is good"-button. But we have a request in the queue for a "thank this user"-feature that would be a more personal thing where the idea is that you can easily see who thanks you. It would be the beginning of a reputation system. But one step at a time though, reputations have to be treated with great care. Sounds good so far? :)

  • Surely it does, I have been wondering this too.

  • sounds good :)

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