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Freelance CAE developer needed -- Indian developers preferred

  • Hi,

    I have certain codes pertaining to CAE which I am interested for using it for engineering applications. I would like to have pre and post processor modules which shall be merged with the existing codes.

    I have seen free software named SALOME which does the needful but it is pretty much a bloated one for my needs. I would like to hire someone who can segregate the inner modules of SALOME, eliminate the unnecessary options and add a modified GUI which suits my needs which I feel is the fastest method instead of developing the whole platform from scratch. Following is the skill set I am expecting from applicants :

    1. Qt (VC++ is an added advantage), CMake/QMake, git
    2. Knowledge of OpenCascade/VTK
    3. Understand the needs and develop the tools independently.
    4. Software application platform : Windows Only

    Indian national preferred. There would be a NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) and a service contract agreement to protect both individual rights, which are expected to be duly signed, by both parties, before commencement of the work.

    Please forward your resume with expected pay, along with possible deliverable timelines for the same to the following email : .


  • Hey,

    It's not a good practise to mention only "Indian programmers needed". What is the problem with location. Anyway in India itself if you get somebody from Bangalore, Chennai or any other place, it is also very far from you.

    I suggest we should hide these comments like "Indian programmers needed". Better you can add these comments in your mails, if that is really needed.


  • Hi Ansif,

    The legal documents I want the applicants to sign are applicable in India. I am not sure how to deal with a foreign national regarding the same. I had a talk with one legal adviser and I did not get any satisfactory response for the right procedure. So to avoid any future conflicts, I am preferring Indian nationals.

    I think mentioning it in mail and not mentioning it here would be bitter to the applicant who is not from this country. It is better he/she knows beforehand his/her chances.

    I do agree with your other part regarding location within India. I had updated the same. The only reason for Delhi NCR was because I stay there, though that is really not a necessity.

    Thanks for your inputs.


  • Hi,

    Yes, May be you are right. Previously i worked as a freelancer and I have also signed an NDA contracts with some foriegn clients. I didnt find any difficulty in signing that contract. I think it is just a mutual understanding and trust between the client and the employee. I think lawyers doesnt know much about software industry :). But most of the countries are following the same software terms & rules. It is not easy to do illegal acts in these countries.


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