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(Solved)Why Qt is not so popular as .Net or JAVA ?

  • hi.

    I have seen many times that most of the students,teachers,developers or even many companies do not know that there is a supurb library like Qt/Qt creator.
    May be because JAVA and .Net dominated for many years.but still Qt is not reached to people hands.
    Developers of other than Qt are spreaded around the world.
    Many of jobs are there in .Net,JAVA or mobile technologies.But in Qt there are minor.
    Why ?

  • Maybe it's because many people like the "new, higer level" languages. They have advantages and disadvantages. I thinks it's not a Qt issue, that s many like .Net, it's more that many are afraid of making something wrong with C++...

  • .net and java are commercial frameworks backed by huge corporations, qt is backed by a very small company. however, unless you're a big corporation that needs all kinds of specific guarantees, using anything else except qt for new projects is simply idiotic nowadays imho (well, even qt is an overkill for many apps, if you don't need a very fast UI you can just use a pure c++11 backend and HTML5/javascript/websockets for the fronted, that way you're as future-proof as you can get)

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