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Help on Onyx Boox application development

  • Hello,
    my name is Alessandro.
    I think you could help me.

    I'm interesting to get information to create a new application.

    I'm thinking to create a data storing app on Onyx like this:

    1. on the left of the screen I have a list of names
    2. on the right of the screen I have a "check button"
    3. on the botton of the screen I have a "save" button to save informations on a txt file.

    Its very difficult for me reading and learning all instructions. It takes a lot of time and I'm not a developer.

    Should you be able to create the application for me?

    Please, if you are able to create this, let me know that and, of course, the price for your service.

    If so, I can send to you a picture to describe better the app. I would like to have.

    I have a Onyx with firmware v.1.4 20100925

    Thanks a lot

  • Please don't send email spam, thanks.

  • Sorry, but this is not spam.
    I'm really looking for a developer.


  • This 'post' no...but the email with the same context that you sent to me is spam :)

  • My "sent mailbox" showes just one mail sent to your address. Howether sorry for that. I will not send more mail to you.

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