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BUG: SQL Error while posting

  • I've got this error while posting a topic with non-latin characters (I had to replace them to post this report):

    A Database Error Occurred
    Error Number: 1267

    Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM exp_forum_topics WHERE body = 'The forum page doesn't show the utf8 letters in author names while the other pages do.\n\nFor example:\n\nbq.\nLast post: Nokia Qt Ambassador Badge by Ivan ?uki? | 3 minutes ago Go to last post | RSS feed\n\n\n\nbq. Nokia Qt Ambassador Badge\nby: Ivan Cukic | Views: 3 | Added 4 minutes ago\n\n\n'

  • Seems related to your other issue reported here:

    In general, it seems like non-latin characters are not well supported yet. I found that to be a general problem on the web, by the way.

  • There is a gremlin based on latin1 somewhere in our garden, we shall train it to pass utf8 as soon as we find it.

  • @Andre

    Well, although those are the issues with non-latin chars - they are not really the same. One is about (not) showing correctly saved chars, while the other is about inserting non-latin chars into the db.

    This really was the problem with a lot of sites before utf-8 was so widely adopted (esp with php4 and mysql) but lately I don't have problems except in mailman systems :)


    :) Replace it with a pink unicorn and all will be fine (I have to promote the fluffiness, bunnies and pink unicorns as a KDE member :) )

  • @Ivan

    About a year ago "Ariya": made us a browser that would make any website pink on demand, after that episode we have tried to stick with orange. Would orange bunnies be good enough? :)


  • Heh, I remember that one :) I'm afraid to remind the Fluffy team of that... I wouldn't be surprised if they turned somthing like that in kdewebkit on by default :)

    As for orange bunnies, you'll have to ask KDE Multimedia team on their next dev sprint :)

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