BB10 signing error

  • Hey,

    I've been trying to deploy a release version of my app to a BB10 device. The debug version works fine using the debug token, but I wish to deploy a signed version that would stay on the phone without the need for a debug token.
    I've signed the app using QCreator as well as using the command line, everything seems fine until the application launches, and I get the following error:

    tail: unable to open '/accounts/1000/appdata/com.example.SensorApp.gYABgOcxeeTN9hTT_2lREZOEV7U/logs/log' (Permission denied)

    Any ideas on why I am getting that. Also keep in mind that my app doesn't write anything to the disk. To make sure that was not the problem,I've made a new project with a default Quick app, yet I am still getting the same error.

  • Has no one managed to sign a Qt 5.2 app on Blackberry 10 yet?

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