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Qt Quick app on WP8: Shaders not compiling

  • Hi !
    I am writing a 2D game and need to deploy on Windows Phone, iOS and Android. My prototype runs well on Android and Desktop/Mingw but no matter what I do I just cannot deploy on a Windows Phone - the shaders dont compile. I have VS2012 for Windows phone as well as VS2013 Desktop, Store and the Pro version along with all the other SDKs. I ran qmake -tp VC CONFIG= ..... and got the game to build fine on VS2012 for WP (also compiles in VS2013-Pro/WP8). I run QtD3dservice and it recognizes my Nokia Lumia on Device 0 and lists the apps in there. But when I hit run the shaders dont seem to compile.

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Please help. I would also appreciate a paid consultant to assist me if possible, possibly located in Bangalore India. Please email me at

    This is rather urgent.


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