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Useless argument 'Caretmode' in function QRegExp::indexIn()

  • Hi, All,

    I just wonder how I can use the 'Caretmode' argument of function "int QRegExp::indexIn ( const QString & str, int offset = 0, CaretMode caretMode = CaretAtZero ) const".

    First, if offset == 0, CaretAtZero, or CaretAtOffset has same meaning, and thus CaretAtZero is not useful. Second, if offset != 0, I should always use CaretAtOffset, since CaretAtZero has no meaning (since we don’t match the string from offset 0.) Yet if I don’t want to use CaretAtOffset, then I can just omit caret from the search pattern. This renders CaretAtOffset useless again.

    I just wonder, is there any actual useful case for the argument ‘CaretAtZero’? Forgive me poor C++: I can not think of any useful case… Could someone please point out some cases for me? Thanks.

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