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Pending Posts are not updated.

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    I have been observing the following from a long time back,
    Following is the scenario,

    1. Click the "Unanswered posts" here
    2. Show all the pending posts with 0 replies
    3. Answer any one of the Post there but in a new tab
    4. Now come back to this page and just refresh, it will show the answered question with the number of replies.

    So shouldn't this Post be removed from the list of pending posts on refresh as it does have a reply ?

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    Check out the link you get when you click on "Unanswered posts": it is a temporary ink, most probably with cached results. To truly refresh, you need to click "Unanswered posts" again, and a new temporary will be created. That is how I understand it, at least.

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    Ok. Won't go into the implementation details :)

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