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[SOLVED!] Can I use the BSD 3-Clause or BSD 2-Clause license for my Qt-projects?

  • I have read some posts on this topic, which were quite interesting. But I couldn't figure out a simple answer for my own project.

    The general idea is that I am working on a program. Since it is a rather big one (from my point of view), I have chosen to take smaller steps and develop the various tools independently. When al that is completed succesfully, I finally will combine them into the actual program I am working on.

    I am not sure if I want the final result to be released as open source, though the software will be free.
    The various tools will be open source, but don't have an active release cycle. They are just the "labrats" I am experimenting with and can be merged with each other or discontinued if I find them not to be necessary after all.

    Can I distribute them under a BSD 3-Clause or BSD 2-Clause license using Qt Open Source Edition?

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    If you choose Qt under LGPL, and you do not violate the license, then you can use any license for your own code. Really any, including commercial, proprietary ones. So I think the BSD license will be more than fine here, too.

  • Great!!

    Thanks Sierdzio. I already thought so, but the different types of licensing options made me doubt.

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