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[Moved] dynamic linking(late bind) and pointer to member function

  • I want to dynamically link the dll and then import a class from the dll written in VC ++ to the QT.

    class written in VC++:

    class _delspec(dllexport) A
    static void FunB();

    I want to import of the above class in my QT application and want to create object of this class and call the functions.Also i want to call the static member functions of the class into my QT application.

    I do not want to include the header file where i have declared this class, in my QT application because the class have dependeny on lot of other classes, how can i achieve this?
    Plwease provide your inputs.

    EDIT: please surround code by @-tags, gerolf

  • You will not achieve this :-)
    It's C++, not Qt specific.

    If you want to use late binding, you can only use C-exported functions, not classes.

    There is one thing that is possible:

    Use a creator pattern.

    create a c-function (that has a C-export) which creates a class.
    The class itself must implement a public interface , where the header must be used on both sides.

    No other chance.

  • Moved to the C++ Gurus forum, as it's not Qt specific.

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