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[Suggestion] Remove Quota for wiki edits

  • I was editing a whole bunch of pages today and now am getting

    bq. The following errors were encountered
    Submission Limit Exceeded

    I don't think it makes sense. If there is a limit on points per day for wiki edits, that is still ok. But blocking wiki edits after say 'n' edits isn't good. Now do I have to wait till tomorrow to continue my edits?

  • I think it is a measure to protect against spammers or people defacing the wiki in other ways. Still, perhaps those limits should only be applied to users with Lab Rat status? Surely, a Mad Scientist has proven that he isn't a spammer...

  • yay Andre, I agree, we should change this quota to be role based. Donno feasibility though ... marius what say?

  • Yep, it's there to prevent a spammer/vandal from doing too much damage. The setting is basically a number for anyone, unaware of rank. It was 75, I've doubled it to 150. :)

  • Would it make sense to lift the limitation depending on rank, and would that be technically feasible though?

  • It makes sense and it's technically feasible, but not worth the development to connect the wiki limit to the rank system, we would probably have to change the core wiki code and maintain a patch indefinitely. It's just much cheaper for me to bump that number when needed. I'm not particularly worried about wiki vandals.

  • Ok, fair enough.

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